No Meetups in Person

In light of the on going virus crisis there will be no physical meetups until further notice. We will follow guidance and resume meetings when safe.

Please all stay safe and contact us by email if required

Chiswick House & Gardens Needs Your Help

Fundraising Brick by Brick

The Chiswick & Brentford Rotary Club plans to support, through corporate sponsorship, the raising of £75,000 over the next year for the Chiswick House estate. This Grade 1 historic building is the finest example of neo-Palladian architecture in the UK, and its Gardens were the starting point of the English Landscape movement. Georgiana Duchess of Devonshire called it her “earthly paradise”.

Due to Covid-19 the estate has lost half of its annual income of £1m because its cash-raising events have had to be cancelled. In spite of the expense, the gardens have been kept open during lockdown, and have continued to provide a welcome haven of peace and tranquillity for the local community. There is an urgent need to replace the lost income so that the estate can continue to be available to all.

The charity Chiswick House Friends is building a 2m long, 50,000 LEGO® brick model of the House, brick-by-brick through online sale, with all funds going to the estate. Once completed, the model will be a resource the education of local school children about the history and architecture of this unique building. The model is historically interesting because it shows the House with Wings as it was for most of its life and during Victorian times.

About £17,000 of the target of £75,000 target has so far been donated by individuals, with bricks being added as donations are made. However, the time has come to expand the fund- raising to corporate and organisational sponsorship, and this is where our Rotary Club can help, using its community and commercial contacts.

How Can You Help?

The project is described in more detail at

Individual donations can be made through this link or directly to identify your donation as “CBRotary” in one of the Just Giving panels).

If you know of a corporate or organisation body able to sponsor the project, in exchange for publicity, tailor made videos or showroom loan of the completed model, please contact our Community Officer at


12th August (Weds): Webinar by John Armstrong “The Three Ages of Chiswick House, and How They Inspired a Lego Model“, tickets from:

14/15th August (Sat)Summer Open Days, 11-4pm. CHF and our Rotary club will display the model and take donations, in Chiswick House walled gardens. Book via:

25th August (Tues, 7pm)Webinar on Chiswick House and its Lego Model, Angela Purtill, to C&B Rotary Club

26th September (Sat, 3pm)The Charity (Promises) Auction, organised by Trust and Chiswick Auctions.Modelondisplay,andthesubjectofa“promise”,yettobedefined,thatpeoplebid for. Updates and call for donationsfrom:

Club Virtual Induction

Club Virtual Induction – 30th June 2020
In attendance were 19 club members, Honorary District Governor Tony Sharma, Assistant Governors Shanta Kumar, Senia Dedic, and Shree Ballipuram, and Rotarian Peter Evans, from Heston and Isleworth RC.

Award Winners

Attendance – Nick Damji, July – December 2019 and Jelilat Oyetunji, January – June 2020

Members of the Year – John Armstrong and Alex Marchesini
Paul Harris Awards to John Armstrong and Alex Martinis

John Armstrong completed school building in Humla, Nepal this year, after raising £75,000 partly through the club. He organised over £7000 for emergency food for the famine of the school children in Humla, caused by COVID 19 and closure of the Chinese border. He has also completed over 400 voluntary hours with Chiswick Park and Gardens.

Alex Marchesini set up, assisted and hosted club Zoom meetings during COVID 19 lockdown. He has previously helped the club in many roles including President and Treasurer. He is currently sorting the electronic gift aid system to ensure we can reclaim extra donations to Charity.  

District Service Award – President Emeritus David Scott ( Only 4th Time in history been presented ).

Club Virtual Induction 30-06-2020
Club Virtual Induction 30-06-2020
Club Virtual Induction
Club Virtual Induction 30-06-2020

Make a Difference (MAD)

Sunday June 28 2020 – Sujay Paul (RC Chiswick and Brentford), hosted Rotary in London’s, MAD (Make a Difference) Zoom meeting. It was a 90 minute pilot District event introducing Rotary to participants looking to join. Sujay was supported by the following experienced Rotarians: Shirley Kirk, Tony Sharma, Helen Antoniou, David Palmer and Adrian Faiers.

More than 60 callers joined from India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Chile, India, Nepal, Turkey, United Kingdom, and United States. Issues discussed included Rotary’s mission, current and future projects, and ways individuals might benefit from having Rotary as a platform, either as a member of a local Rotary club, or a member of a London passport hub.

Make a Difference-London 28/06/2020-Image1
Make a Difference-London 28/06/2020-Image2
Make a Difference-London 28/06/2020-Image3
Make a Difference-London 28/06/2020-Image4

Rotary Work continues despite Lockdown

Chiswick & Brentford Rotary Club

If you haven’t and wish to support either of our emergency projects please send the money to our trust account- Rotary of Chiswick and Brentford Club – 203590 30034231

Hounslow Community Foodbox– providing food for those who need it in the community of Chiswick and Brentford

We have sent our first tranche of money – £500 to them.

Dear James – thank you so much for the Rotary Club’s splendid donation, it really is very generous. 
best regards, Philip 

Philip JonesTreasurer & Secretary, Hounslow Community FoodBox
Humla – Our School in Nepal which we raised the money with the help of our twin clubs and rebuilt last year at a cost of £75000, have sent a SOS that the children are involved in a famine. The Chinese have closed there borders for 6 months, therefore the food must be flown in from Kathmandu. With harsh winters they will need support for 12 months.
We have raised £6000 plus £500 Gift Aid, in addition District has applied for a grant of $5000 from the Rotary Global Response Fund – Covid 19. This will cover enough food for 12 months, as the village is in the remote north part of Nepal.

Chiswick School– They are asking for sewers to sew masks for there teachers to protect them when school returns, they have the elastic, cloth and even sewing machines.

Do contact us if you can help in sewing

Rotarian Sujay Paul – has been volunteering delivering food parcels and providing counselling support of the NHS on the phone.

Twin Clubs – Now Meeting on Zoom 

Rotary of Provins 

Our friends in Provin supporting two projects currently:
1 The District, thanks to good work by the Governor Maxime Blot has received an exceptional grant from Rotary International for the crisis. It has chosen to buy protective clothing and equipment for public care homes. Provin’s carehome which Rotary Provins supports regularly and which is attached to the hospital has been one of two care homes in the local Rotary area to be helped . It has around 30 cases of Covid. It received last week 

114 X 50  masques H-filt 3 plis bleu type IIR
2001 X 100charlottes
332 X 100 ou 150overshoes
1403 X 100Gloves 

Second project:
The club has decided to help local activity which is suffering badly from the lockdown by giving 15000€ euros, which may be used in different ways. The first way is by joining with the Town Council who has started a scheme whereby donors can buy vouchers to be spent in local shops from September onwards. The Town is adding 10% to the value of the donation and Rotary will give a further percentage (yet to be decided). The shop will be paid straight away. 

Our fiends at the Rotary Club of Kharkiv  are supporting a local hospital with PPE equipment

March – Fighting Polio with the High Commission of Pakistan

March, we have 4 Rotarians attending on behalf of the club, as we have been invited to the High Commission of Pakistan in Belgravia for an evening function with the District Governor, RI President and Head of Polio for Rotary

In attendance President Of RI, High Commissioner of Pakistan, District Governor, Past District Governor, Pakistan Rotary Representative / Trustee of Rotary, Club Members and Me

Working with the Hogarth Youth Program

Hogarth Youth Program faces some tough weeks and months ahead due to the closure of schools and the fall off in attendees at the Centre.

Rotary of Chiswick and Brentford (Including Hammersmith Rotary Club, was pleased to catch-up and also donate £500 to the youth program.

“The Rotary is always keen to support local community projects like the work done by Hogarth Youth Program”.

David Scott, the President of the Rotary Club,

Fred Lucas, the Chair of the Hogarth Charity, said, “Trustees and youth workers are determined to sustain the youth program given its importance to over 300 young people and their families. Donations like this one from the Rotary really help us to do so, especially during such extraordinarily challenging times, and confirm an important partnership between the Centre and local businesses.”