Speaker 8 Nov – Chiswick based Charity for Homlessnes CRASH

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Greeting friends I’d like to invite you to come hear speaker(s) are from  local construction and property Charity “CRASH” that are very active in supporting homelessness across the UK

  Speaker  Kate Homes – discussing the work of CRASH and how we
can all work to fight local homelessness

  Kate was also  the Chief Executive of the The Funding Network


The Funding Network is a the friendly Dragons’ Den for charities and potential donors. Doing live crowdfunding events to raise vital funds, transform lives and create lasting social change


As Chief Executive she was reviewing projects  for the  network of philanthropists in London and across the UK.

Crash is financed by in large construction industry but have lots of (local) projects with the homeless we might be able to collaborate with
Crash Chairman  – Alan Brookes (Arcadis)


Mike Chaldecott (British Gypsum)

Kevin Corbett (Galliford Try)

Tony Giddings (Argent LLP)

Francois Morrow (UBM)

Jonathan Turk (London Development Consultancy)

Event: Tues 8 Nov 2016, 6.30pm

Event Address: Lowiczanka Polish Centre Restaurant (1st Floor)

238-246 King Street

London W6 0QL

Contact us at richard.donovan@rotarychiswickbrentford.org.uk

Please register your attendance 
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Japan Visit . a Wonderful Adventure

Rotary opens doors for young and old and for cultures across the world. Our Rotary members had a wonderful eye opening trip to Japan with a cultural exchange we are happy to return .


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Bboxx The London Elon Musk for Africa

We had Chris the local CEO of Bboxx around to our rotary club last night with a very good product

He has a battery and solar pack below that they are offering in Kenya and Rwanda  The battery comes with lights and attachments and is offered for a low cost subscription

Now mobile carriers and especially satellite tv companies are seeing how this opens a huge gateway for them across Africa

He would welcome support bootstrapping in Africa, He has already 300 employed for support and sales across the other 2 countries and just received 10m in 3rd round funding

He and they are likely to be the Elon Musk of Africa .. 🙂



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We are Communities

Rotary International In Great Britain & Ireland that gives a great introduction to the work Rotary clubs all over the world do to support not only their local communities but also communities in other countries that often need international help  to develop.

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Chiswick Remembers W.B Yeats


Chiswick has a long tradition to this day of of artists and people in media. Recently a plaque has been placed in Blenheim Road for the Yeats artists and poets.

John Butler Yeats 1839 – 1922 artist
W.B. Yeats 1865 – 1939 poet
Jack B. Yeats 1871 – 1957


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A Visit to Hollywood !



Sometimes it is easy to forget how global Rotary organizations are and how welcoming they are to fellow members.

So when our Chiswick member Ray found himself in Hollywood he found a thriving Rotary organization more than open to welcome guests from across the water.

Of course he happened to be there when Miss Hollywood was visiting. Coincidence ?


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Guardian – Remembering the 5th Anniversary of Japan’s Tsunami

Akemi Solloway, Chiswick Rotary member and founder of the UK-based charity Aid for Japan, was featured in the Guardian  regarding the 5th Anniversary of Japan’s Tsunami.

The article describes how Japan’s unique culture can make it more difficult for survivors, especially orhpans, to recover from a crisis

“It’s a strange thing to be an orphan in Japan, not least of all because the adoption of children is very rare, so many people remain unaware that it’s even a possibility. Foster care is also
uncommon. This means that many of the children we work with are either entirely on their own or living with elderly grandparents, and are unlikely to ever find another home or family to care for them. Emotionally they are simply traumatised.”

Aid for Japan offers emotional, educational and financial support to orphans of the tsunami.

Aid for Japan are running a series of social events and host their own donations page. Now might be a good time to remember and help the cause.

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Rotary Scholar 2016

This year we are pleased to host a scholar from Belgium and sponsored by Overpelt-Noord-Limburg. Birte now a legal graduate, got her first taste of Rotary when they packed her off to Colombia for a life changing experience.

She is now doing a rotary scholar and postgrad in law at Queens and and has been selected as an Internship at the House of Lords subcommittee on migration

birteRotary (1)

With the help of our incoming president Ray Burnet we were able to visit the historic Middle Temple


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NatWest the new community Bank working with Chiswick Rotary

When not on the set of Downton Abbey our long standing Chiswick Rotary member and past president Ray Burnet
helped open the refurbished NatWest on the Chiswick High Road.

With their more open and friendly space, school projects and their goals to build local business and local community we were more than happy to be involved.The event was also supported by John Simkiss from the local Nda Architects on Sutton lane and Jean Morgan-Bryant and Richard Donovan of Ricston Consultancy

With the help of the very friendly Lisa Dunn the Nat West branch manager we were able to talk to the staff and patrons around the local community projects and the Chiswick Rotary school projects in Nepal (http://humlachildren.org/)

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A New President for Chsiwick and Brentford Rotary

We were very pleased to usher in Jerome Eteve as our president for the year 2015-2016. Jerome originally from France is a London based software developer with a wonderful Polish wife represents much of how international the modern Rotary clubs are.

Jerome as vice president has been actively involved in the clubs Nepal education projects as well as building closer relationships with our sister club in Provin.


Our out going president Geoff (left) handing over to Jerome (right)

Additional appointments include:

profileRichard Donovan – Vice President
Carlos Machado- Secretary
Alessandro Marchesini – Finance
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