Welcoming a new President for 2014 – Geoff Simmonds

When I first visited Chiswick and Brentford Rotary club, it was out of a sense of curiosity rather than any grand ideal. A good friend of mine was a Rotarian and I liked the things he was getting involved in with his club. I wanted to do more than to put money in collection boxes, and to help make a real difference to people’s lives both overseas but more importantly for me personally, in my community.
To my surprise the club and it’s members were not at all reserved and I was  welcomed  by everyone. After attending for a couple of months, I was asked if I wanted to join. Naturally I said yes!
In the 3 and a half years I have been a member, we have been involved in a lot of events and made friends with many new people locally and around the world.
I have been involved in various club projects especially supporting CLIC Sargent (which is a charity for helping children with cancer), Broadway Homelessness (A London homelessness charity) as well as events with our French sister club to aid with a construction project in South Africa which helps orphaned children.
It’s an honour to be president of such a great club for this coming year. We’re a broad range of people from different walks of life who share a desire to make a difference and to be more active in our community. If you would like to come and see what we’re about, please come along to one of our meetings.
We would very much like to meet you!!