London to Madrid – Sunshine and Smiles

The amazing part of Rotary is how global and how friendly our family of clubs are. A chance visitor to the our club in Chiswick led to an invite to the Rotary club of Boadilla Del Monte and Ponzuelo De Alarco. How could we not go.

As a sample here are some of the scenes and sights we had the pleasure to experience in our most recent trip.


The Rotary club also hosted a tour of beautiful and historic Madrid



We were impressed and inspired by the work to help the homeless women and children in Boliva.


The Global Community – Visit to Skopje Macedonia


The Macedonia’s capital Skopje is enjoying the opportunity to create their own Rotary club where local communities can come together to see what we can do cooperatively.

Also the home of an emerging fine wine it is pure coincidence that our two Chiswick wine buffs celebrated with the Macedonia’s their new Rotary club