Guardian – Remembering the 5th Anniversary of Japan’s Tsunami

Akemi Solloway, Chiswick Rotary member and founder of the UK-based charity Aid for Japan, was featured in the Guardian  regarding the 5th Anniversary of Japan’s Tsunami.

The article describes how Japan’s unique culture can make it more difficult for survivors, especially orhpans, to recover from a crisis

“It’s a strange thing to be an orphan in Japan, not least of all because the adoption of children is very rare, so many people remain unaware that it’s even a possibility. Foster care is also
uncommon. This means that many of the children we work with are either entirely on their own or living with elderly grandparents, and are unlikely to ever find another home or family to care for them. Emotionally they are simply traumatised.”

Aid for Japan offers emotional, educational and financial support to orphans of the tsunami.

Aid for Japan are running a series of social events and host their own donations page. Now might be a good time to remember and help the cause.