Chiswick Scholar’s Trip to Iran

You don’t have to be crazy to be a Rotary Scholar but some times it helps. Having been given the travel bug by Rotary trips to Colombia. Our wonder Belgium scholar Birte Schorpion took a break between her internship at the UNHCR to head to Iran 

She sent back a wonderful collection of vibrant photos from the trip and reports of the wonderful warm reception from the people of Iran.

As always in Rotary we love to break down barriers and build bridges between peoples of all countries.


Chiswick Scholar Leads Workshop at Kings College

Rotary and  London Rotract provide unique opportunities to network and share ideas from people all over the world. It is always impressive to see our students spending their own weekends organising collaborative events.

This weekend was no different where the Chiswick scholar all the way from North Carolina Ellie Flock collaborated with Romanian Dorka Voicu to run a “Practical Problem Solving Workshop” to generate new ideas and new projects for their fellow Rotaract members.  

Chiswick club member John Armstrong spoke to the group regarding our education project in Hula, Nepal.