Freya and Mina visit our Club

Freya (Left) and Mina (Right) with our President (Middle)

A very interesting meeting was held on 12th March with two young women guests. Freya (on the left of the picture) is currently C&B’s Youth exchange student. She is intending to travel to Czechia in the summer and experience a challenging programme of travel and sampling of customs and culture in that country.

Mina (on the right) is a world class climber who gave a super talk illustrated with an incredible slide presentation of daring climbs she had done recently in Norway, Kentucky and the UK. We were wowed with her skills and abilities. Let’s hope both women come back before long to the club and tell us about more endeavours. Freya’s proud parents are on our President’s left and right. Thank you to all concerned for the organising.

Quiz 2014

The annual Rotary trivia humiliation Quiz at Chiswick and Brentford proved to be another fun night with Bill Hagon setting a great range of international questions that reflected our members and friends from almost a dozen countries.


Fundraising for the Homeless

In a fun and friendly Rotary members and friends gather to help the Homless through our partners at Broadway Homless Shelter

Our President kept the fun going and any speeches mercifully brief and we were even surprised by a traditional Japanese dance by one of our newest members Akemi


We were delighted that our current scholar Kelsey and her partner could attend.


We were also pleased to have Suzie Betlem from the Brentford Chamber of Commerce

Upcoming (9 Club Rotary) Tour of Japan

Akemi, one of our latest members provides us wonderful insight into Japan it’s people and culture. She has also put together an ambitious 9 club visit to Japan  main4

  • 26th (Saturday) Yoneyama Yuai Rotary Club in Tokyo in the afternoon “ Tea ceremony lesson”
  • 28th (Monday) Attend Hirosaki Rotary club in Aomori
  • 29th (Tuesday)  Tokyo Ebisu Rotary club with Mr Kumamoto
  • 30th (Wednesday)  Kumagaya East R.C. in Saitama.
  • 31st (Thursday) Seijyo Shin (Tokyo) Rotary
  • 31st (Thursday) Sendai Izumi Rotary
  • 5th (Tuesday) Okayama sounth R.C. in Okayama
  • 6th (Wednesday) Chigasaki Syonan South R.C. in Kanagawa
  • 7th (Thursday) Hiroo (Tokyo) Rotary – lunch

We wish her the best of luck on the trip and we look forward to her sharing the wonderful experience. (Supporting orphans after Tsunami :