Helping hand for Macmillan Cancer Support

Macmillan Cancer Support is very active in our local community and their helping hand has been a great relief for friends of members. Therefore we were happy to show our support to the local Macmillan organisers who also gave us a great insight into the activities of the group 


Our Rotary Club Supports School in the Remotest Part of Nepal

Humla province in the extreme NW corner of Nepal is high in the Western Himalayas, has no roads and very primitive health and education services: one in three children do not survive their fifth birthday.

The children shown above are from a hostel school set up in the village of Muchu to provide accommodation and schooling for the poorer children living too far from the village to be able to travel there each day. We started with fifteen children in 2012: now there are more than fifty. 60% of the children are girls: the boys can often find an education in the local monasteries and schooling tends to protect the girls from  trafficking to the child brothels of India.



Our Rotary Club of Chiswick and Brentford has been raising funds to support the operation of this school since 2013. Now we have joined with the Nepal Trust and Stichting Nepal to provide funds for the construction of two new classrooms, a kitchen and store room. Our contribution so far has been £15,000. Images of the construction are shown below.

Apart from this build project, we continue to raise funds for the operation of the school, including food, books, teacher and caretaker salaries, and are supporting them towards the establishing of self-sufficiency.


the foundations