Jason Hung will be reading a MA International Development, Gender and Education at University College London (UCL) in 2019/20. He works as an intern at United Nations ESCAP, an Assistant Country Director at Global Peace Chain and an incoming visiting student researcher at Stanford University. Jason’s interests in community outreach include promoting the importance of, and delivering, basic education to disadvantaged school-aged children, especially in China.


Arush Lal from Georgia, USA.

While already active with the UN and the US Health corp. Arush is in London to study global health policy at London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.


This year we were lucky to support two scholars.
From Tokyo

Hiroaki Sonoda

Cass Business School MBA Candidate,
Marketing & Agriculture Sector Experiences,
Exploring Opportunities in Consulting

Christopher H Aldrich

MSc student in Biomedical and Molecular Research at
King’s College London on behalf of a Rotary Disease
Research & Prevention Scholarship. He recently
completed his Bachelors at Louisiana State University
majoring in Biological Engineering with additional
studies in entrepreneurship.

Ellie Flock 

MSc in Global Health Candidate, King’s College London

Birte Schorpion


Queen Mary University of London
Degree Name Master of Laws (LLM)
Field Of Study Immigration Law Grade Distinction

Policy Officer at the Danish Refugee
Council’s Representation in Brussels


A global peace scholar at Kings has
returned to the US to peruse peace development
around the world.



Foreign Exchange
Scholarship from Brazil

calum 2013/14
Foreign Exchange Scholarship to Brazil
katherine 2013/14 Scholar
Kelsey Howard –
 Somerset House Courtauld  Art
and architecture